Personal Life

Ron Manescu

I grew up in the 2nd & Hamilton Street area of Allentown, known as the 1st Ward. It was a very diverse and blue collar residential area. The neighorhood had an A&P store, a hardware store, a drug store, some bars and small eateries, mixed in with some commercial and industrial properties. We had everything we needed in that neighborhood. I was the oldest of three children, along with my sister Patricia and brother Stephen. My father worked at the A&B meat packing plant, and my mother worked in a cigar factory and as a waitress before becoming a mom and housewife.

I attended Sheridan grade school, Immaculate Conception grade school, and Central Catholic High School graduating in 1972. I married in 1975, and in 1976 my daughter Jennifer was born. My first wife and I divorced in 1999. In 2007, I remarried and am currently married to Susan and we live in the west end of Allentown. My daughter Jennifer and her husband Aaron, now have a child, Eden. My stepdaughters, Kristy Strobl and Alicia Baatz have children as well. Kristy and her husband Rod are the parents of Nicholas and Grace. Alicia is the parent of Penelope. I enjoy spending time with the kids and grandkids, and try to vacation with them either in Disney or the beach as often as we can. My wife and I also like to travel as much as our work schedules will permit.

I have also volunteered in the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer programs in the City of Philadelphia for several years. I drove a large truck that contained the tents and food and water that was supplied to the 60 mile walkers. I also loaded and unloaded those trucks each day, and participated in handing out food and water to the walkers.

When I was younger, I enjoyed playing basketball and football. Today I enjoy being a clock manager/scorekeeper for city youth basketball leagues. I enjoy watching the boys and girls grow in size and skill season after season. My hobby now consist of home renovation projects, and traveling as much as my work schedule will allow, and spending time with my four grandchildren as much as I can. I also enjoy serving my community as your Magisterial District Judge.

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