Police Career

I began my career in the Allentown Police Department in 1973 when I became a Police Cadet. At that time it was a training program for young men/women who wanted to become Police Officers. I was a Cadet until March of 1977, when I was hired as a Patrolman by the City of Allentown. In 1979, I became a K9 Officer, and worked with a K9 unit until 1981. I then transferred to what was known as the Emergency Truck (Paddy Wagon), until 1984. In 1983, I was elected to President of Queen City Lodge # 10, the bargaining unit of the Police Department. I also began teaching at the Allentown Police Academy. In 1984, I was promoted to Detective and worked many high profile criminal cases, including homicides, rapes, assaults and burglaries. In 1987, I was promoted to Lieutenant and placed in charge of what was known at that time as the 5th Platoon. We worked steady night shift, either 7PM to 3AM, or 9PM to 5AM.

In February of 1988, I received a gunshot wound to my left hand while on duty participating in a drug raid. It was a “friendly fire” incident where I was shot by another Police Officer. After recuperating for several months, I chose to return to my duties on the 5th Platoon. While recuperating, I was assigned to research the formation of an Emergency Response/Hostage Negotiation Team. In November 1989, I was given the honor of commanding the Tactical Teams of the Emergency Response Team. I attended numerous training classes for that discipline. I was part of that team in several capacities for 13 years.

In 1990, I was promoted to Captain of Traffic and received numerous certifications in Accident Reconstruction and was certfied as a Reconstruction Expert in Court. As a Captain, I was also part of the Department’s Internal Affairs Unit. I was responsible for investigating misconduct/criminal allegations against police officers and recommending discipline/termination. I also began teaching at the Temple Police Academy, Ambler Campus.

In 1996, I was transferred to Captain of the Patrol Division, and supervised the patrol units and coordinated activites with investigative units. I also was placed in charge of the Department’s K9 Unit. In 2000, I became the Commander of the entire Emergency Response Team, supervising both the Tactical Teams and the Negotiating Teams.

In 2003, I retired from the Emergency Response Team and was promoted to Assistant Chief of Operations. I remained as Assistant Chief of Operations until 2006, when I was transferred to Chief of Detectives, responsible for all Investigative Units of the Department. I was also responsible to have a working relationship with all other investigative units in the region, as well as the Pennsylvania State Police, FBI, DEA and ATF.

During this time I also became the Department’s main Public Information Officer, conducting press releases and assisting with press conferences on major cases and arrests.

In 2009, I ran for Magisterial District Judge and was fortunate and honored to be elected by my community to serve in that role. I retired from the Allentown Police Department on January 2, 2010. I began my work as a Magisterial District Judge on January 4, 2010.

I have recieved numerous citations from the Department including the Purple Heart. During my time on the Department, I was fair, compassionate and treated everyone with courtesy and respect.

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